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You Didn’t Hear It From Us, But… (An Explanation)

You Didn’t Hear It From Us, But… (An Explanation) published on

I have a weakness for gossip.

I like to know things that not everyone else knows, I like to know things before everyone else knows them, and I don’t like not knowing something. This will be my outlet for sharing all the information I’ve gleaned from generally butting my nose in where others are too circumspect to do so.

Curiosity, it is a burden.

The first tidbits I will share include (but are not limited to) 1) what Jacqueline Carey has been secretly been working on the last year (hint: it’s a retelling of a famous Shakespeare play!); 2) will the first volume of Tad Williams’s new trilogy be released next year? (hint: the truth is an unhappy one); and 3) Which famous kid lit author just sold a five book series for a serious amount of cash.

I plan to write up a gossip post whenever I have juicy enough information to share.

I hope you’ll join me!

J Wilbanks

J Wilbanks

Reviewer and Columnist at Galleywampus
She has a cat.
J Wilbanks

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