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Wardstone Trilogy

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What’s better than reading your favorite book? Well let me tell you, it’s reading your favorite book and knowing that it’s part of a trilogy. You’re probably wondering why trilogies are so great. Well, they continue the story, they make the lives of your favorite characters continue on; and in my opinion, only the best stories have them. The trilogy of Lord of The Rings is one of these great stories and that’s just one. There are many more stories out there that are set up as trilogies and some of them are very well written with fantastic lands and characters.

What I’m getting at is we love to keep reading our favorite stories and knowing that there is more of them to keep the adventure going which is something that just makes the feelings we have come up inside us; like the way we feel on a Christmas morning.

Which brings me to my point, (yes I’m getting to one. Be patient and you’ll see what I’m getting at.) Of all the many stories out there that we have enjoyed. There is one trilogy I’ve had the pleasure to read and enjoy. The trilogy I speak of is “The Wardstone Trilogy,” written by M.R. Mathias. A massive story spanning three books that were written over a span of several years by an author who had a difficult life and happened to get incarcerated in a Texas prison. He decided to pull what he had in his head and create a world filled with powerful characters and lush landscapes. I man honestly what else was he supposed to do? Sit in a cell watching the grass grow. Nope, he decided to do something about it. He decided to not sit there moping about his mistakes and channel all that energy into a tome that spans likes I said earlier, “three books.” And, after reading the first one I was hooked, and would you believe it, he had two more done and I read them as well hoping for more. But, alas after a time I realized there wasn’t anymore.

Which REALLY brings me to my point.

And, that is, what if the last book of the trilogy wasn’t the LAST book of this great story? What if there was more? Well, from the mouth, or should I say the typed email I got from Mathias himself, that is not the case. I sat and read the email and remembered the last book. Where it ended with Hyden finding Dahgmahn’s Journal and as well where Claret’s hatchling was getting big enough to fly Hyden around. So when the email stated that during the next summer of 2016 we would in fact get a continuation to the story, my heart jumped with excitement, or maybe it was the order of six molleja and tripa tacos I ate, but nonetheless I was excited and thrilled to read that information. So I asked Mathias if that info was just for me, or could I spread it to the world? He said that it would be good to let everyone know about the soon to be released book. So that’s what i’m doing, I told you I had a point and there it is. That in the future of summer 2016 be prepared to experience the counting stories of “The Wardstone Trilogy.” Or maybe now it can be considered a Quadrology? I guess we’ll know soon enough.

You see wasn’t that worth the wait? I think it was and am happy to be the one to tell you about it. Now, go forth and spread the news my fellow readers of fantasy and fiction, go forth spread your demon wings and take flight for this is going to be a good year and soon be an awesome summer.

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