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The Duck Quacks

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Theory 1: Molly/ Mab
Part 1

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This all started with the headaches. Harry has them, we all know this. There have been a few suggestions as to why; Lash coming back, permanent brain damage at the end of WN, perhaps he has strained his magic too much, but then I realized we know at least one cause for this headaches; he has them in SF, when Mab messed with his head while she borrowed his blasting rod, and reprogrammed his head to forget he had ever had it. While discussing this, I wondered well then, if she caused that headache, what else could have happened during the books that she could have taken or messed with?

Which gives us, in discrete mathematics, our starting point?

STATEMENT: Mab caused the headaches.

I am not saying this is the truth, I am stating it as the point of argument. In discrete math, you start with an assumption, then build on it one point at a time, as a test to determine if the original point is true. (For all rational numbers N, if N is F(N) is true, then F( N+1) is true; if you then can reverse it from the final conclusion, the theory is true ; this is called the principles of incursion and reduction.)

So, following this point, what other headaches could have been caused by Mab? It was He Whom Walks who first noted that in the book Turn Coat, that little Chicago was not mentioned. Which is strange, as Harry was desperate to find Thomas; and in every other book, Harry mentions it in every other book, and it had been repaired form it’s damage taken in WN as it was used in SF. Furthermore, when Harry does refer to the table, it is covered by a heavy tarp; which are the same words he used to describe his missing memories of the blasting rods on SF, page 312. And we know Mab caused those headaches, it describes the headaches, right on that very page.

Additional point, Namshiel’s missing coin. We have been assuming That either Marcone, Hendricks, or Gard took it. But Marcones says he did not, Hendricks has shown no signs of it, and Gard was driving. But what if there were other people on the island, undetectable to mortal eyes? Mab cannot interfere directly in mortal affairs, but she can claim anything Harry owns or has rights to. His “life, his fortune, his future”; once he defeated Namshiel was defeated his coin by right of battle was Harry’s and Mab could step in and claim it. ( I will admit this one may be stretching things, but it’s just a side idea.)

STATEMENT: Mab fixed little Chicago in Proven Guilty. “even if there HAD been a threshold, it wouldn’t have done diddly to stop any number of supernatural baddies. The fetches in PG hammered down the /Carpenters’/ front door, and that’s a threshold like the rock of firkin’ Gibraltar. The loup-garou sneered at such things. A threshold wouldn’t slow down a Denarian for a moment, nor would it stop ghouls, ogres, or any number of largely physical (as opposed to manifested spiritual) beings. And even if the skinwalker had been something summoned from the Nevernever into a manifested physical body, the toad demon was one of those too, and IT stomped through Harry’s pathetic threshold in the very first book”

-Jim Butcher

Which leaves questions of how Mab got past the wards, Past Bob- something I consider a point in her favor actually; of all the suspects she could mess with Bob the easiest; and most importantly, how could she have predicted this chain of events?

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some of the situations have been clarified already. headaches by the SOI growing in Harry’s mind. any Fae with no ill will to the owner of a house with a threshold can cross it as long it is not to harm. Mab is a choice myself for the LC fix because she had taken up Lea’s responsibilities to protect Harry as a Godmother. also her little snow model in Small Favor seemed like a hint. finally JB has said Mab is a biological twin to Titania, much like Sarissa and Maeve were twin sisters.

I’ve wanted to float a theory by Lady Anatidae for a while: What about Harry — or, more specifically, Id Harry — taking the Namshiel coin and giving it to Mab? What if she tasked Id with that, unbeknownst to Harry?

Data points:
– We’ve been given an example of Id controlling Harry’s actions once in the series: grabbing Lasciel’s coin in the Carpenters’ yard.
– We’ve been given an example of the Sidhe signifying a debt to someone via a Court pin.
– Mab was in Harry’s head in SmF, when she removed the memory of combat fire magic.
– Harry was wearing a glove on the island, due to the burn scars still healing.
– Harry was around the pouch holding Namshiel’s coin while everyone was huddling for cover in the lighthouse.
– Most importantly, Harry lost time in the chapel with Mab. One second he’s on the pew bench with Mab, and the next he’s on his knees in the center isle as Mab walks away.
– The next time we see Id, he’s wearing the pin that most take as a symbol for the WK mantle; but that type of item has previously only been seen as signifying a debt.

Proposed Theory: While in Harry’s head in the alley, Mab had a conversation with Id. Later, given the opportunity, Id took control of one of Harry’s hands (the gloved left) and retrieved the coin when no-one was looking in the lighthouse. Id then promptly had Harry forget about the pocket he put the coin in, so that he wouldn’t happen across it. Harry failed to search that pocket on the boat when looking for the bag of coins. Later, in the chapel, Mab causes Harry to pass out from pain, giving her a chance to talk with Id. He gives her the coin in return for a debt. Unlike Harry, Id wants the power of the WK, so he doesn’t cash in the favor with Mab, and banks it instead for a rainy day. Now Mab owes Harry, unbeknownst to him. And Mab has the Namshiel coin, without anyone knowing.

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