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The Butcher Block Begins

The Butcher Block Begins published on 12 Comments on The Butcher Block Begins


I have been buzzing about this feature of the site almost since the moment I became a part of it. Tomorrow, the great re-read and analysis of The Dresden Files begins. A lot of people aren’t entirely certain what this means — I haven’t widely shared the writing I’ve been doing all this fall. But now that it’s FINALLY happening, here are some of the things you can look forward to:

1) Giveaways! Five people will win paperback copies of Dead Beat; one person will win a signed copy of Skin Game; the winner of the trivia game will win a signed copy of the Dresden File of their choice; and one lucky contributor will win signed copies of the first three books with their original covers*.

2) Essays about the books. Is there a compelling argument that Murphy will ultimately betray Harry? Could Linda Randall have been a White Court vamp? What’s going on in the shadows in Proven Guilty?

3) Guest articles from Duck. Miss Duck has gained fame over in the forums for her keen insight. She’s graciously allowing me to turn her theories into a weekly guest post.

4) Guest articles that push our knowledge of Dresden further. Who were the Cahokians, and what’s their possible connection to the series? What’s the correlation between Odin and Santa Claus? Did Jim Butcher make up all this stuff about mantles and masks? All this and more will be explored in the coming weeks and months.

5) Transcripts of recent events. We all know how important Word of Jim is!

I am so happy this is finally beginning, and I hope you join me in the comments.

J Wilbanks

J Wilbanks

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J Wilbanks


In regards to ideas, I highly recommend running polls. People love polls. They can be article relevant, such as “Are Odin, Perun, and Zeus all the same being wearing masks, are they new beings formed from the remnants of the previous incarnation’s mantle, or are they all together separate?” and, “Do you agree that Molly might become Mab?” to more simple fare like, “Who is the best dew-drop fairy?”

As to the latter, I’m a huge fan of both Toot and Lacuna, but does she qualify as a dew-drop if she’s a tooth fairy? And what about Goldeneyes or Blueblossom? It’s definitely not that Rednose, he’s always getting into trouble. Hence the red nose.

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