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Book Gossip: Volume Two

Book Gossip: Volume Two published on

You didn’t hear it from us, but…


The final book in Alma Alexander’s Were Chronicles is due out in November, but the writer is already hard at work on several different projects (we’re not entirely sure when she has time to sleep). All of these are at different stages of completion. Included in this is a Byzantium-based historical fantasy – normally, I would be dying to read this, but I was privileged to read it a couple years ago. It’s looking for a home, and it needs a home. Alexander is so good at evoking a particular historical era, and the labyrinthine court of the Byzantine Empire is one of my favorites. Not only has she completed this project, but she’s got a couple other Eastern European projects in the works. But what she’s really focusing on now is a very American story, about the building of the transcontinental railroad.


Subterranean Press – well known for their collector’s editions of beloved books – has bought Lois McMaster Bujold’s Penric’s Demon. I’m sure we can expect a beautifully rendered edition of the novella set in the “Five Gods” world. Subterranean Press has guided any number of novellas and novels from utilitarian novels to works of art, and I am excited to see how Penric’s Demon will be transformed. Lois McMaster Bujold’s writing has always seemed very lyrical and artistic to me, so it’s easy to see how her words could inspire fans and professional artists to want to build off of her creativity.

Nalini Singh won’t be outdone when it comes to novellas. Her Psy/Changeling series is getting a little update: A collection of novellas set in that world was just sold to Berkley.

We all know that Jim Butcher has a new release out this month (Aeronaut’s Windlass, September 29), and that he’s hard at work on Peace Talks, the next installment in the Dresden Files. That didn’t stop him from giving his fans a lot of information at his solo panel at Dragon*Con. Most interestingly, he discussed the book following Peace Talks and Mirror Mirror, and how it will involve some of the Greek gods, and how they’re gaining followers and worshipers by being involved with the WWE.


Fitting, right? Butcher hasn’t revealed a title for this one yet, but my guess is Cut Man – unless that term is exclusive to boxing, in which case – hey, there’s a reason why I gossip about books, not sportsing. His Dragon*Con interview is filled with all sorts of exciting tidbits like that.

In other news…

1) The third book in Juliet Marillier’s Blackthorn and Grim series has a working title of Heartwood House

2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Sarah Michelle Gellar wrote a cookbook to be published in 2017 – I bet it has a lot of stake recipes.

3) Tad Williams is not only writing a novella set between Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn and the new trilogy, but he is seriously considering writing a (short) novel set between the last two books in the Last King of Osten Ard trilogy. Considering that the first book in the new trilogy is a whopping 350,000 words, I can only imagine that a short novel from Tad Williams is 100,000 words.

4) David Levithan recently signed a four-book deal. Included in this is the concluding volume of the story begun in Every Day, and continued in Another Day.

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