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State of the Wampus

State of the Wampus published on No Comments on State of the Wampus

Howdy folks!

We’ve been stockpiling content, working on our own creative projects, watching movies like the seventh episode of that little known franchise, and recharging our batteries over the past two-ish months. We dimmed the lights down low, and while we weren’t closed, it might have seemed like it.

I want people to know we’re still live, and we’ll be back in full-force in January!

-We have a lot of The Dresden Files content in the works, and it will be posted to The Butcher Block section of our site soon. THE REAL Jim Butcher did offer up the name The Butcher Block when asked about an appropriate name for the section of the site (I believe the exact words were, “You’ve got to go with The Butcher Block, right?”) so we’ve got that going for us. A complete re-read of the series is in process as we all gear up for Peace Talks. Articles about several aspects of the Dresdenverse are already written and we’ve delved deeper than we (well, some of us) knew the subject could be delved. We have the start of a virtual companion or an (unofficial) Encyclopaedia of All Things Dresden. It will be glorious.


-We’ve also collectively read dozens of books and have some reviews already written. We look forward to sharing them with you!

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C Lee Brant

Site Admin at Galleywampus
C Lee Brant is the webmaster and founder of Galleywampus. He’s the fellow to contact if you want to set up a giveaway, blog tour, interview or request to review your work. He reads all sorts of books, but his focus lies in epic, military, literary and urban fantasy, children's and YA fiction, and sci-fi. He has an MLIS from SJSU.
C Lee Brant
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