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Sherrilyn Kenyon dialed this year’s Dark-Hunter novel in

Sherrilyn Kenyon dialed this year’s Dark-Hunter novel in published on

I have been a fan of the Dark-Hunters since Night Pleasures came out, have spent countless hours discussing the series, have recommended it high and low to lovers of both romance and fantasy. And I have never, ever been more disappointed both in a book and in an author.

Dragonmark was a $14.99 ebook. Over 75% of the story is sections (not even sections with Illarion!) straight up copy/pasted from Son of No One and Dragonbane. Styxx was a wonderful story that showed a parallel perspective on familiar scenes from the series. Dragonmark is fucking 75% chapters we have already read with almost ZERO additional information interspersed in the words we’ve already read. She didn’t even bother to rewrite the scenes from Illarion’s perspective. This was straight up copy and pasted, slapped on a novelette about how Illarion and Edilyn met the first time. There is only one chapter that takes place after Dragonbane. One.

I can’t fucking believe that this book was NOT ONLY $14.99 as an ebook, but that it wasn’t a novella in the first place. I intend to write to her publisher and to iBooks. I know there is little chance of a refund, but this is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT.

Anyone like to take a crack at explaining how and why this happened?

J Wilbanks

J Wilbanks

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