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[Review] Spire City, Season One: Infected by Daniel Ausema

[Review] Spire City, Season One: Infected by Daniel Ausema published on

Spire City, Season One: Infected
By Daniel Ausema

Over the years, I have read many books from various authors; and a variety of genres, but never in my 30+ years on this planet have I read a serialized novel before. I’ll admit it, at first, it threw me, and I thought this book just wasn’t for me. However, the way Daniel Ausema crafts his story made me want to continue reading this book, and I was rewarded with an intriguing tale.

Chels is our main character, she is an immigrant orphan girl whose only real family is a bunch of misfits that are brought together by the fact they have all been touched by a virus that turns a regular human into an actual animal. She lives in a world where the rich and the powerful do not care about the poor and the weak and this brings me to an interesting observation about this book. I cannot help, but feel that Daniel Ausema was making some sort of social commentary on our world and society within his fictional world as a lot of elements he touches upon are very relevant in modern society. However, throughout this book I was struggling to find a motive as to why anyone would (one) create such and virus and (two) infect a person with said virus. I felt this was a major flaw in this book; until I realized the antagonist doesn’t have a reason he just does it; because he can. Once, I realized this, it sent a chill down my spine. The antagonist, in my opinion, is clearly psychotic and has delusions of grandeur. A man with a plan is dangerous enough, but a man without one can be absolutely terrifying in my opinion. Once, this realization hit me it blew me away; and the plot just unfolded perfectly for that moment on. But the book doesn’t deviate from its core element that this book is a story about the have and have-not of society and what use is a good man or woman; if he or she is unwilling or powerless to do anything to change the environment around them.

Daniel Ausema has crafted a really interesting tale that is both amazing and terrifying all at once; I can’t help, but be excited by it. One of the really cool things in this book is the flying, and non-flying beetles that are used as modes of transport; they’re really cool, and I want to ride one! Our band of misfits all seemed like really interesting characters. But would have preferred if more time could have been spent on fleshing them out a slightly more. The upper-class characters aren’t written as evil mustache twirling villains; because they’re not. They simply don’t care enough to realize what one twisted individual is doing towards a class of people that the wider population simply doesn’t care enough about to notice their plight.

So, will you, like it? Perseverance is necessary for this book in my opinion; as it does take a while to grow accustomed to the style of the book if you haven’t read anything like this before. But; not only that it’s a slow burner, and I know some people will not like that. However, if you stick with it, then you’re left with a memorable story that will leave you, wanting more. I’m definitely going to recommend this one to my friends. If you enjoyed the book, as much as, I have you really want to read the follow-ups Season Two: Pursued and the upcoming Season Three: Unwoven.

Craig James Lister

Craig James Lister

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Craig James Lister

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