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Review: Justice Calling by Annie Bellet

Review: Justice Calling by Annie Bellet published on

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There are several authors I’ve picked up in the past because either I’m introduced to them by a friend or because I’ve gotten a notice in my email, “look at this new author, we’re sure you’re going to like them.” As much as I find that annoying, I’ve found some decent writers from those emails. One in particular is Annie Bellet–an urban fantasy writer I picked up recently, reading her Twenty Sided Sorceress series. The title of her first book, Justice Calling, is a great book. I have to agree with others out there when they say, “If you’re into The Dresden Files, or the Iron Druid series then you’ll enjoy this series.”

So when I started reading this series, I was taken aback when I read how her use of magic and shapeshifting creatures are brought to life. A very well-written prose combined with lavish and descriptive scenes makes this series a good read. Excellent world building is something that has always piqued my interest when it came to the urban fantasy genre. In all my years of reading different storied, be it in the fantasy or urban fantasy genre, it is writers like her that kept me wanting and asking for more.

Her use of magic in this series is very much similar to several other writers out there that use power of will to exert or utilize their abilities. Characters are written very well, full of richness and dimension. It is writing like this that really turns my like to dislike when stories I’ve read in the past failed to give their characters life; I hate using cliche terms, but the word “soul” comes to mind.

But Annie Bellet does not fail at giving her books soul. She has given us a rich world that keeps us turning the page. I guess that’s the reason why we go out and pick up books in this type of genre. It’s the ability to hook us, and in result, it’s what makes us “turn the page.” And, Annie has done just that. She has a knack for making us love and hate her characters, something that most of us writers attempt to do.

I know that, at times, I myself have been disappointed when it came to certain writers out there that just publish what THEY think is good fiction. But here is a writer that, like I said before–is someone I myself will put my hand in the fire for and say that her fiction is something that is worth taking the time to look into.

Pick up a copy of her work. From there ,you judge for yourself. I know that I have already judged her, and I did not find her work wanting. You, on the other hand, (once you start reading), you’ll be wanting for more, and that is for the rest of her stories is the series. So go and pick up Justice Calling, I’m sure you’ll thank me for introducing you to this very talented author.

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Roel Cisneros

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