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Review: Fool’s Quest, by Robin Hobb

Review: Fool’s Quest, by Robin Hobb published on 3 Comments on Review: Fool’s Quest, by Robin Hobb

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Robin Hobb has been one of my favorite authors from the time she was publishing the Liveship Trader books. Fitz and the Fool are as much friends of mine as it is possible for fictional characters can be (it is a one-sided relationship, alas). I have run an entire gamut of emotions while reading their adventures (especially during Fool’s Fate, I sobbed during the final third of the novel), and while I thought Fool’s Fate had a perfect ending — I realized, during Fool’s Quest, that while Robin Hobb may have given a trilogy a perfect ending, she had set the stage for the third trilogy back during the first, and I’d been too stupid to realize it. I am amazed by her ability to drop hints — she knew where she was going, there is no doubt.

Fool’s Quest is the best book she has written. When it comes to her, there is no such thing as “middle book syndrome”; no one gets fatigued of the characters; the stakes are high for all the characters (even Fitz, since there is another POV character who could take the series to its end); some things end; others begin. There is a give and take to the story that is evident in all of her books: grim, terrible things happen in this book that goes beyond what she has written before, and yet, there is light, too. She has achieved a balance. She knows her characters so well.

I can’t wait for spring 2017 and the closing chapter of what is one of the most ambitious and meticulously crafted series I have ever read.

Assassin’s Fate will surely be the best book she has ever written.

J Wilbanks

J Wilbanks

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J Wilbanks


Is the Farseer Trilogy the one I should start with if I want to get into things in the Realm of the Elderlings? I picked up Assassin’s Apprentice for free on Kindle awhile back, and am wondering if this is where I should really start.

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