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Tourist in Comicbooklandia: My Origin Story

Tourist in Comicbooklandia: My Origin Story published on 2 Comments on Tourist in Comicbooklandia: My Origin Story

I suppose if I really thought about it, my first foray into comic books all started back when Tori Amos sung “Me and Neil will be hanging out with the Dream King” in her song “Tear in Your Hand” from Little Earthquakes.  Despite the lack of ready access to the Internet (Oh!  I miss the 90s!), I somehow learned that Neil was Neil Gaiman and the Dream King was The Sandman.  I must have read an article in Entertainment Weekly or Rolling Stone.  

Somehow I tracked down all ten volumes of The Sandman for reading.  I remember really enjoying the entire experience even though I was initially thrown by the changes in artists through all the issues.

Sandman by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean

And then I just stopped.Read more

Tara Woodall

Tara Woodall

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Ok, you had me at Sandman. But I am definitely staying for the rest of the ride. I was a huge comics guy, but have fallen behind over the last few years. I am definitely interested in what you’re going to be reading and talking about here. Excited!

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