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Giveaway: The Aeronaut’s Windlass (signed!) by Jim Butcher

Giveaway: The Aeronaut’s Windlass (signed!) by Jim Butcher published on 41 Comments on Giveaway: The Aeronaut’s Windlass (signed!) by Jim Butcher

We’re picking up two signed copies of The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher at a book signing in early October! We will give these two copies away to the lucky entrants who win the Rafflecopter giveaway.

We will be making our random selections through Rafflecopter’s site on or before 10/1, and contact the winners via email at that point. If we do not hear from the selected winners by 10/4, we will select random entrants to replace those we could not reach. So check your e-mail!

We hope to get the items sent out by 10/6 at the latest. One copy per winner, one winner per household. We will check to make sure that you have completed the actions required for the entries.

This giveaway is continental USA only, as the cost of shipping internationally is prohibitive and this is a no-profit site. Honestly, we’re sorry we can’t ship it elsewhere.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

If you liked The Dresden Files, you’ll like the Mercy Thompson series. It has a bit more romance but they’re still great reads overall.

Favorite Steampunk: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, the graphic novels.

The movie didn’t impress me. But I’ve heard great things about the graphic novel! Honestly, I’m pretty behind on graphic novel reading. This is one with a concept I loved when I first heard about it. I’ll have to make time to read a few graphic novels in the next few months.

The Alloy of Law, by Brandon Sanderson. Not proper steampunk, I don’t think, but a great book and a great series!

Seems proper enough to me! I enjoyed it. I feel it skirted the line between being a fantasy-western and steampunk. It didn’t have a lot of the trappings of your typical steampunk work, but the next one might remedy that. We’ll see in October!

You had mentioned something earlier about personalization. Will this be happening?

I just got into contact with Jim’s assistant. She says we should be able to have them personalized at the signing. That’s the best I can offer! When we select winners, we’ll gather their preferred personalization. We’ll do our best from there! We should be able to at least get a personalized name on there.

Kerry Schafer’s Between series. Between, Wakeworld and the Nothing.

Follow a young woman as she discovers that her family legacy is not what anyone would expect. Dragons, dream worlds and a penguin named Poe.

Well drat, those ^ aren’t steampunk! My favorite steampunk is Girl Genius by Phil Foglio! You can not get more steampunk than that!

But read Kerry Schafer,too because Dragons and Penguins.

I have to go old school and recommend most anything by H.G. Wells! I adored The Invisible Man and am going back to read again The Time Machine. His writing style is unlike most of what comes out today; it’s fluid but descriptive, captivating and engaging. An oldie but definitely a goodie!

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