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Giveaway: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1)

Giveaway: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1) published on 48 Comments on Giveaway: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1)


About the Giveaway

This is a beautiful book! Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Illustrated Edition is obviously a labor of love by the artist, Jim Kay.

Of this new edition, J.K. Rowling said, ‘Seeing Jim Kay’s illustrations moved me profoundly. I love his interpretation of Harry’s world, and I feel honoured and grateful that he has lent his talent to it.’

I have met many parents who like to read books with their children, and the Harry Potter series has become a quick classic.  A generation of children fell in love with these books.

When I was a children’s library clerk at a public elementary school, the hardbound editions of these books were constantly cycled in and out. It didn’t hurt that each was worth a ton of AR points. You’ll never guess which one was the most popular. It didn’t even matter if the student had already read the other books–the mammoth tome called to him, the AR points dancing in his head. He could knock out his required number of points with a single book!

Harry Potter is beloved by adults, too: those who have grown from children who read the series to adults who read it again and again; adults who started as adults and retained or recovered the child-like wonder provided by Rowling’s characters. Adults sometimes feel embarrassed to talk about their love of “children’s literature.” We want you to feel free to talk about the book and the series freely.

Our giveaway is for everybody. If answering any of the question makes you uncomfortable, recognize that there are five other entry points that can be acquired. The final question might make some people uncomfortable; participate in the elements that make you comfortable!

We’ve all got our quirks; forgive our contest runner’s.

The Giveaway

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  4. Answer the following questions in the comments below: (1 entry per question)
    A.  What is your favorite piece of fan art or fanfic?
    B.  Which House would you Sort into?
    C.  Do you think Voldemort was a virgin? Why or why not?
    *You can leave one or multiple comments and still claim the prizes for the questions you’ve answered. We won’t be picky on how it is submitted so long as you indicate the appropriate information in the Rafflecopter.

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A. Don’t know yet, I’ll have to check for some sites.
B. I was sorted into Ravenclaw by the Pottermore site. ;)
C. Voldie was all about power, fear, and domination, so I believe he would have used rape on some of his female followers to keep them in line, as well as on some of the human victims he may have chosen on his way up, with a handy Obliviate spell afterward.

A. Don’t know yet.
B. I was sorted into Ravenclaw by Pottermore. ;)
C. Voldie was all about power, domination, and fear. I think he would have used rape as a tool to keep his female followers in line, as well as using human victims on his way to power, with a handy Obliviate spell afterward.

1) I don’t really read much fanfic, but I did like the pieces that Kelley Armstrong included in her collection, “Led Astray,” especially the one based in the Hellraiser series.
2) Either Ravenaw or Slytherin to be honest.
3) Probably not. He’d probably have gotten off on the power trip of having followers like Bellatrix willing to do anything for him.

1. Strangers at Drakeshaugh by Northumbrian. All the stories by that author are by far the best fanfiction I’ve ever read.
2. According to Pottermore, I’m a Gryffindor.
3. I think he was. I simply doubt he would have had much interest.

A: I have read a lot of fanfics and I’m not really sure which is my favorite. I loved (and am still loving because it’s ongoing) ‘Harry Potter and the wish of life’ by Usako3000, but another one of my favorites is ‘Game on’ by PinguinBuddy.
B: I was sorted into Gryffindor by Pottermore, but have always thought of myself as more of a Ravenclaw
C: I think he was, simply because he wasn’t interested in girls. He had more important things to do than worry about getting laid

A: “Russian Roulette”, by Vixen Tail (Katekyo Hitman Reborn fanfiction). Or, if it has to be Harry Potter… “Make a Wish”, by Rorschach’s Blot
B: Ravenclaw. Oh, so much.
C: Yeah, probably. He just doesn’t seem like he’d be interested in sex for himself, and he’d be way too proud to use his body as a way to get ahead.

A. I love Australia by MsBinns and A Stranger in an Unholy Land by serpant-sorcerer
B. Gryffindor, which is something that I had always wanted to be as a child, but am only now starting to see evidence of.
C. Yes-ish. I think Tom Riddle found sex as a way to manipulate, control, and hold power but as he grew older he began to see that type of power as beneath him or unnecessary.

My favorite fanfic is The Never-ending Road by laventadorn

I think I would be a Hufflepuff, but acording to Pottermore, I’m a Gryffindor.

Yes, Voldemort was totally a virgin. I mean he knew he was atractive, and knew how to take that to his advantage, but he would never taint himself with anyone. Besides, I think he was asexual.

1- Just one? Not really fair, is it? Anthing by melindaleo or St Margarets, Backwards with purpose, In the words of Ginevra Molly Potter…
2- Gryffindor, sorted by pottermore
3- For some reason I can’t imagine Voldemort worrying about having sex. Maybe if was a way to hurt someone but even then he still had the cruciatus curse, so why bother? Sex, even without love, comes to close to feeling something for someone. I imagine he had other ways to get pleasure, ones that weren’t sexual. So yes,to me, he was a virgin.

A) Fan art, anything by Makani. Fan fiction, anything by cibjasfad.

B) Ravenclaw

C) Tom M. Riddle, no. He would have used sex as something to get what he wanted, or simply to manipulate an outcome. I don’t see Voldemort being all that interested in sex.

A. Ravenous by Vulgarweed
B. I tell people I’m a Slytherin, but Pottermore sorted me into Ravenclaw
C. I don’t think Voldemort, after his second rise to power, is human enough to be interested in sex. Tom Riddle might have been, though. As teenager, he wanted to feel like he was special- that could have gone either way.

A. What is your favorite piece of fan art or fanfic?
Don’t know who drew it, though
B. Which House would you Sort into?
Ravenclaw. My parents took the sorting test at pottermore right after me, so I can assert that it runs in the family))
C. Do you think Voldemort was a virgin? Why or why not?
He was! Well, I beleive so. He actually strikes me as asexual. Mayhap he partook in the activity once, just to ascertain his lack of sex drive.

1) Strangers at Drakeshaugh by Northumbrian
2) Hufflepuff
3) I think Tom Riddle was definitely not a virgin. Voldemort, though, I am not sure either way. I could see him rejecting contact from others as though he was above them. I could also see him continuing to use sex as a form of controlling other.

1. Quite honestly, I know nothing about fanfic or fanart, so I don’t even know how to answer this question.
2. Gryffindor, most definitely.
3. No. People are always drawn to power and powerful people tend to abuse it. He could always bend someone to his will with threats, punishment, and/or bribes. On the other hand, many women find power to be attractive in its own right. (Ick, ick, ick.)

“A. What is your favorite piece of fan art or fanfic?”

Hard to say. Top fanfic choices might include “Cauterize” by Lady Altair, “The Strange Disappearance of SallyAnne Perks” by Paimpont, “Spell It Out” by allthatissacredandholy, and of course “Always and Always” by some unhealthy woodpecker.

“B. Which House would you Sort into?”

Pottermore says Ravenclaw. I see an argument for Slytherin, too.

“C. Do you think Voldemort was a virgin? Why or why not?”

Unlikely. When he was young, he was clearly too much the sort to learn about things, especially forbidden ones, by trying them.

1. The only fanfic I am aware of reading was about Allstate and Progressive insurance (which was hilarious). However, I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.
2. Which house would I sort into? I have no idea. Flip a coin. Or cast a die.
3. Was Voldemort a virgin? I don’t think sex was his thing. Rape, maybe.

1) Backwards with Purpose: Always and Always. Not much of a question for me, this.
2) Ravenclaw- hat might want to put me in Slytherin, but I’d resist, and Ravenclaw would be the only other option.
3) Definitely virgin. He would have thought he was above such ‘trivial’ things.

A. Three way tie: Backward With Purpose by Deadwoodpecker | Harry Potter and The Boy Who Lived by The Santi | A Black Comedy by Nonjon
B. Definitely the house of green and silver: Slytherin
C. I truly believe that Voldemort would have never felt any form of emotional connection to another being, but (while unlikely it may seem) he also strikes me as the type of individual who would never deny himself any form of pleasure and would try something at least once. Plus he was a teenager once too, with his dominating personality it is my belief that he may have lost his virginity even as nothing more than an exercise to satisfy his own idle curiosity on the act.

1. I haven’t had a lot of chance to read fanfic or look at fan art. Back when I first discovered the Wheel of Time, and was into the whole theories scene, there was some art depicting some of the characters that I thought was good. Much of it was on Deviant Art, as I recall.

2. I’m trying to remember where I sorted on Pottermore back in the day. I want to say Ravenclaw, but that may just be wishful thinking.

3. I thought about this a lot longer than I probably should have. As Tom Riddle’s overarching goal was to try to become the greatest dark wizard, from his earliest days, I imagine, I don’t see him being infatuated with a girl. Much like Raistlin and his impatience with the needs of his body, I see him, even from a young age, being annoyed with his needs and only satisfying himself when he had to. I see him causing pain more than pleasure, and potentially even getting rid of the poor unfortunate who was willing to go to his bedroom. By and large, I think he would see sex as an unfortunate necessity on occasion, but going to great lengths to avoid it. Any time spent in pleasure would be taking away from his hunger to become the strongest, etc.

1. If you’re asking about a favourite fan fic, since I haven’t read that many in general, I have to say that my favourite one was a Jily one called “She Said What?” or something like that. It was written in diary entries or something like that and it was amazing. I’d definitely recommend.
2. When I first used Pottermore I was sorted into Hufflepuff, so I guess, that is my House.
3. I’m going to use a tumblr quote about Voldemort and virginity: “Did you see him in 5th year? Voldemort was definitely not a virgin.” And in order to be a little more serious, I think he would have tried it in order to experience it at least once. To see how it felt like.

A. What is your favorite piece of fan art or fanfic?
My favorite piece of fanart is when someone made Hogwarts out of a Harry Potter book.
B. Which House would you Sort into?
I would sort into Ravenclaw!
C. Do you think Voldemort was a virgin? Why or why not?
Before Tom Riddle become Voldemort, he was Tom Riddle, who was described as being handsome and his father was known for being ridiciously handsome, so he had probably fooled around before.

A- Well, I love most of the wall paper for phones and laptops. The people that make them are truly talented.

B- According to Pottermore I’m a Ravenclaw… But I think I would be a terrible Ravenclaw. I mean, I can’t solve a riddle for my life, which means I would be the Neville Longbottom of the Ravenclaws, just waiting around for someone to arrive and solve the riddle for me… Or I would change uniform into one of Grinfindor, and just learn the password, and then I would turn the couch in the common room into a bed…
So I think in reality I would be sort into Grifindor, none of the other houses suit my personality…

C- Well, he was conceived through a love potion, so he is incapable of love, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have tried it at least once with a random girl, even if it was just to get something from her that he needed…

1. It’s Growing Up Black by Elvendork Nigellus
2. I’m pretty sure I’m Gryffindor, besides all the test that I’ve done say that too so I’m pretty cool with that
3. Oh this a confusing question, but I do think he had sex, he was a teenager after all, and his body still react, maybe he as a person didn’t care, but his body did, it’s natural, probably when he was an adult he didn’t have sex anymore, and I highly doubt it when he came back the second time.

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