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Giveaway: Banned Books Week Edition–His Dark Materials

Giveaway: Banned Books Week Edition–His Dark Materials published on 11 Comments on Giveaway: Banned Books Week Edition–His Dark Materials



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About banned books

Books get banned for any number of reasons, often because somebody somewhere doesn’t like what is being said or how it is said or why it is said. It’s a mess, really.

The ALA has this to say about the reasons people choose to censor:


Censors might sincerely believe that certain materials are so offensive, or present ideas that are so hateful and destructive to society, that they simply must not see the light of day. Others are worried that younger or weaker people will be badly influenced by bad ideas, and will do bad things as a result. Still others believe that there is a very clear distinction between ideas that are right and morally uplifting, and ideas that are wrong and morally corrupting, and wish to ensure that society has the benefit of their perception. They believe that certain individuals, certain institutions, even society itself, will be endangered if particular ideas are disseminated without restriction. What censors often don’t consider is that, if they succeed in suppressing the ideas they don’t like today, others may use that precedent to suppress the ideas they do like tomorrow.


A Few Words

hisdarkmaterialsI can only speak for myself.

I’m somebody who went through an MLIS degree program, so you can probably guess where I fall on censorship. I believe that people must choose for themselves which information they wish to access. There is a slippery slope any time a person chooses to anoint him- or herself the adjudicator of taste, morals or freedom.

I joined this Blog Hop in honor of intellectual freedom. Each blog that has joined in this celebration is offering a $10+ prize: either a banned book, or the means to purchase one (generally in the form of giftcards).

I chose to offer up the His Dark Materials Omnibus. The series (comprised of The Golden Compass, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass) has been challenged, so far as I can tell, primarily by those who think the author, an Atheist, perhaps started, or sought to start, some sort of war on religion. Within these books, there are a few shocking sentiments expressed about the nature of religion, God, and sin. A character says, in the first book, that he is going to kill God. This is not intended metaphorically.

One can view all of this through myriad different lenses. For some, this book is certainly in bad taste. For others, it might speak to them in a way in which they need to be spoken.

I’m not here to make the call on whether or not you should read these books. I do know that I really enjoyed these books. The idea of dæmons, these manifestations of souls that live outside of the body in animal form, really resonated with me. The concept of Dust provided a mythology that sprinted along next to Catholic doctrine without aligning with Catholicism. The resolution to the series left me in tears.

If you only know the series from the movie, you’re missing something by not reading the books. If you enjoyed the movie recognize that this is something different. Something, I think, better.

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I’m so glad to have found your website. It’s a thrill to find a site dedicated to genres so close to my heart.

Have you read any of the works of Kerry Alan Denney? I’ve read three of his books: Dreamweavers, Jagannath, and Soulsnatcher. All three are quite good. Jagannath is more sci-fi in nature, while Dreamweavers falls more along the horror genre. Soulsnatcher is a combination of genres (I suppose all three are pretty genre-bending).

Thanks for a great contest. I despise book banning, but no one could have said it better than you.

I’m taking notes!

I haven’t read anything by Kerry Alan Denney. One of the other blog authors here might have.

There are so many authors I would never discover if it weren’t for recommendations. This is why I torture people by making them post recommendations in the comments.

I know that C Brant already knows about this author, but I always take the time to recommend Brandon Sanderson. Specifically, I love the Mistborn Saga, The Reckoners, and the Stormlight Chronicles. Sanderson’s ability to weave together humor and interesting characters, to say nothing of his gift for creating unique magic systems, are what really draws me to his writing. Finally, the fact that many of his books are tied together in a concept he calls the Cosmere (although the Reckoners is not part of this shared universe) is really attractive to me. Something I always loved about Stephen King’s writing is that all of his stories take place in the same world, and are interwoven, with characters and concepts bleeding out of books and into other books.

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