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Dead Beat Giveaway!

Dead Beat Giveaway! published on 3 Comments on Dead Beat Giveaway!

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Welcome to the first giveaway on the Butcher Block!

We’re giving away five copies of Dead Beat to five different people. Dead Beat is, in many ways, the book that blew the series up in a major way: it’s the first to deal with necromancers, it’s the first to show Harry’s dad on screen, it’s the first that was published in hardcover. In many ways, this book can be used as an entry point to the series (although we are completionists, and do advise reading the first six). Our copies of Dead Beat are battered and loved and held together with duct tape — we figure we’re not the only ones who have read the book to death.

We’ve included several different ways you can win a copy. Of course, the more points you score, the greater your chance of winning. Good luck!

J Wilbanks

J Wilbanks

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J Wilbanks


My favorite scene was in Cold Days, when Harry and Murphy joined the wild hunt. I think a good Dresden related topic might be one of the following: the history of the Wild Hunt, more information about Mab (legends, other sources, etc), and more information about Odin

Favorite scene? That’s hard. Harry’s exit from Boc’s to face Cowl and Kumori in Dead Beat always sticks with me, and it’s the scene that would get overused in amv’s/fan videos if ever filmed. The dual scenes in Small Favor of Harry staying with Charity and Molly while awaiting word on Michael, and his raging in the chapel at a God he knows likely exists but doesn’t have faith in, sum up real human emotions, something that often gets lost in supernatural stories. And absolutely every. Single. Scene. With Toot and/or Lacuna. They steal scenes like nobody’s business.

Most of the big battles are distinctly memorable. I can clearly picture Harry speeding to beat the storm in Storm Front, and riding into the storm in Dead Beat. Or his growth as leader, starting with leading a small pack into the trenches of Summer Knight, to leading the Wild Hunt against the Outsider horde in Cold Days.

But for sheer scale, I’d have to give the climactic battle in Changes the edge. It’s the battle that I can see in my mind’s eye, a swooping panorama of a frenzied confrontation between good and evil, with a small band of heroes working their way up the side of the pyramid surrounded by inhuman monsters, all while the newly arrived Gray Council wreaks havoc on the enemy, led by the Blackstaff and the Allfather himself, their numbers crashing down onto the field of battle from streaks of lightning. And then, of course, the conclusion. The story written by the protagonist, exceeding two million words in his tale to date, and yet truly revealed in the fifteen most painful words.

And that’s not even touching on that final scene, as he stumbles into the darkness, embraced by she who has been waiting…

I’m sorry, what was the question?

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