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Dresden Files Analysis: Introduction

Dresden Files Analysis: Introduction published on 4 Comments on Dresden Files Analysis: Introduction
I read these books anytime, anywhere.
I read these books anytime, anywhere.

The very first time I read a Dresden File, I was twenty years old, and the middle of a Maryland winter. I was serving in the Navy at the time, and about twice a year, the stars would align poorly, and we would be forced to survive three weekends on one paycheck. That third weekend saw me cooped up in the barracks, eating galley food, and in desperate need of something new to read. My friend tossed me a paperback, and told me to go away and read it, he was working on some coding. I used the last of my cash to buy a bottle of Sutter Home Moscato (priorities), and settled down to read.

Storm Front

That was Storm Front. The next day, I went and borrowed Fool Moon and Grave Peril, read them both in about five hours, then went back to poor Miller’s door. “This is the last one I have, another friend’s got the next two,” he told me, and handed me Summer Knight. It was this book that had me fall in love with the series. If I’d never read it, I would have counted the first three as a pretty decent way to pass the time until I had money again, and could spend it to buy books I am too ashamed to admit here. But I read Summer Knight, and realized that what Jim Butcher was doing was pretty extraordinary.

I read it in a marathon session – think Bob with the latest Harlequin Blaze. I finished it a little after eleven, and did not even think of waiting until the next day (and a more appropriate hour). Instead, I put on my shoes, neglected a coat, and headed out the door toward the Marine Corps barracks. Read more

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