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Book Talk: Jim Butcher at Copperfield’s in Petaluma 10/02/2015

Book Talk: Jim Butcher at Copperfield’s in Petaluma 10/02/2015 published on 2 Comments on Book Talk: Jim Butcher at Copperfield’s in Petaluma 10/02/2015

Quick Note

Janelle and I were given permission to record this event–by Jim and by Copperfield’s Books in Petaluma. We appreciate the access! The event was a lot of fun, and Butcher is a natural storyteller. I’m not sure if anybody else captured the footage, so we are happy to give a glimpse into the entire discussion for those who might have missed it.

I apologize for splitting the video into five pieces. I forgot to reduce the camera quality. We got about 10 gigs of video, but my camera chose to turn the videos into smaller chunks. I didn’t have the time and ability to put the video back together this weekend, and decided I would rather provide the video in five pieces now than one later.

Curses! Better luck next time.

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In which Jim discusses when the next Dresden book will be released, the order of the books in the eventual Apocalyptic Dresden trilogy (named after the curses in the series), the Jade Court, what The Olympian Affair (the second Cinder Spires book) will be about, his own personal beliefs on magic and pizza for fairies, his recently deceased dog, whether or not he would consider movies for The Dresden Files, the status of movie rights and how he would like to see his books presented, some of his favorite current books and some that might have inspired him, his dream actor for Harry, whether or not he would write a stand-alone book, how often he plans on releasing books in the future, the future of another Codex Alera series, a quick side-step on Lacuna’s origins, his Bigfoot obsession, and how he determines spell names.


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In which Jim discusses how he determined how magic would work in the Dresden universe, what the original Merlin would sound like, his Live Journal writing course, how he feels about Joseph Campbell, criticism in general, a little about how his beta-reader network works, Bob’s origins, and which character he would write from another author.


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In which Jim discusses whether it is harder to write comics or books, how he writes cat characters, his three kittens, his LARP character and gaming, the potential shotgun-scene between Bob and Harry concerning Bonnie’s hands-off status, how much Bonnie knows and what she can do with it, whether or not Outsiders would be different in different universes, George R.R. Martin’s series, and how Jim feels about the authors’ differing approaches toward fans and writing.


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In which Jim discusses what it is like when Butters hears “The Call,” whether or not Michael would make a good POV character, what it might be like to see Harry from the outside, who he based Harry upon (physically), the easiest and hardest characters to write, how he felt about the changes from the book series to the television series.


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In which Jim discusses merchandising, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, whether or not Molly’s Star Trek and Harry’s Star Wars connections mean something deeper, who would win in a fight between Potter and Dresden, and his own Harry Potter fan fiction he has been thinking about writing.

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Re: the “quick sidestep on Lacuna’s origins”, note that Jim specifically says “I kinda built who she is into the name”. The word “Lacuna” means “Gap” (or “missing section”), which is why there’s a strong following for the theory that Lacuna is a Tooth Fairy (a missing section from your the teeth). It also fits in very nicely with her anti-junk-food attitude.

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