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Book Spotlight: The Whisper King by Wil Radcliffe

Book Spotlight: The Whisper King by Wil Radcliffe published on

The Whisper King cover

From the Jacket

There is a monster sleeping deep inside of you, and The Whisper King is
coming to wake it up…and rip it out!

My name is David Kinder. And this is my story… every goddamn bloodstained word of it.

About 25 years ago when I was six my parents died in a car crash. I was bounced around a few state homes until they finally settled me at Meripitt Hill, an orphanage just outside of Lansing, Michigan. It was there that the shadows started visiting me. Not normal shadows. These shadows moved on their own accord, and whispered strange, alien things to me. Scared the piss out of me.

Wasn’t until Donna Elizondo moved to Meripitt Hill that my life started to actually become bearable. She became my best friend. Taught me to love music and to dance. That kept the shadows away. That kept me safe.

For two years we were an epic story of two. We danced. We laughed. Hell, I suspect I was falling in love with her, if kids could really know what love is.

But then she was taken away from me. Adopted.

That’s when the shadows returned for me. That’s when they took me to the Shadow Mountains to serve the Whisper King.

For ten years I learned how to fight. How to kill. I even learned how to transform myself into a Cuthach…a monster. There were thousands of us being trained there. Thousands of us learning to reach deep inside and unleash the monsters in our guts.

When a spot opened in the Whisper King’s elite guard, the Silent Heart, I was chosen to fill it. But first I had to take one final test. A test that would determine once and for all if was destined to be man or monster.

About the Book

The Whisper King was released July 24th, 2015 by Necro Publications. Purchase at Amazon or at your favorite book retailer.


So I was sent to a group home called Merripit Hill, just outside of Lansing, Michigan.

That’s where a deep, God awful misery was born into my soul. The place itself wasn’t so bad. No one ever beat us. Thet fed us three squares a day. And except for the fact that the activities director made us watch a worn videotape of Finian’s Rainbow nearly every Saturday afternoon, there was no cruel treatment of any kind.

But where human cruelty was lacking, other tormenters made themselves known.

Quick Thoughts

According to the author, he wrote this book as a result of having night terrors as a child. These terrors inspired his story of David Kinder.

This book is a dark fantasy, has a sardonic, straight-forward, often-funny first-person protagonist, and is obviously intended for adult audiences. What’s not to like?

About the Author

Wil Radcliffe first met the Whisper King when he was five-years-old. He heard the rasping voice late one night, pulling him from a fitful and bitter slumber. It was then this mysterious tyrant charged young Wil with a lifelong mission…to terrify his fellow mortals with tales of deep, primal horror. And Wil has obeyed. Because he hopes the Whisper King has beer. And while he waits for alcoholic rewards he lives a fairly ordinary life with his wife, daughter, and son in some cold, dark place in a realm ringed by skeletal trees and murky lakes. On some maps it is called “Michigan.”

He is also the author of the dark fantasy novel, The Whisper King, and the young adult fantasy series, Noggle Stones.


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