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Between the covers, or

Between the covers, or published on

I am a MONSTER for keeping secrets from you

Dear Reader,

What. A. Week.

24611882I read two amazing books this week, one of which won’t come out for months and months (also known as January) so I have to keep it under wraps.

But the other one was my book for the week, new from Stephen R Donaldson. The King’s Justice is actually a pair of novellas (the other being ‘The Auger’s Gambit’), which is like getting a two for one on Mike’n’Ike’s! Seriously, so amazing!!

The first story, ‘The King’s Justice’, was by far my favorite. The world felt richer, and the characters more vibrant to me. I really liked the pacing as well, it never felt too rushed, but methodical, which fit the character, marvelous.

‘The Auger’s Gambit’ was, for me, a bit of a miss. The main character lacked a little in motivation, and I never felt the world-building nearly as much. However, the prose, as always with Donaldson, is superb and worth your time.


Also Read

OH my god! even better than the first book! Quickly becoming one of my favoritest writers, and a milieu that I can’t get enough of. So amazing.

Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey-

One of those books I go back to over and over. Perfectly balanced world and characters, and epic in the most amazing way. I adore all the books in the series, but I do go back to Dart more than the others.

‘The Collectors’ by Phillip Pullman

A short story in the ‘His Dark Materials’ universe, I really enjoyed it’s blend of mystery and knowing winks at the reader.

Forgotten Gem

360280The Wars of Light and Shadow series by Janny Wurts
Pick up The Curse of the Mistwraith and fall into the most criminally under-read epic fantasy I can think of. This is large scale fantasy done right, with much of the pacing and brilliant characterization that you remember from the ‘Empire’ trilogy she wrote with Raymond Feist, and a lot of world-building beyond that which is all her own. Seriously, give this a try.

Tracy J. Erickson

Tracy J. Erickson

Tracy Erickson has achieved one of his two childhood ambitions and now lives in a library. Sadly, Luke Perry is already married, so he has had to settle a bit on the second one. He loves chai, books, Mike' and 'Ikes and bigger books. When Mike and Ike broke up last year, he had complete faith that they'd get back together, once they realized what a horror the dating scene is.
Tracy J. Erickson

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