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Act 2 Scene 1: or, After the Lights Come On

Act 2 Scene 1: or, After the Lights Come On published on

The Scene:

A darkened auditorium

Your Well-Loved Narrator:

-taps on mic-

‘Is this thing on?’

-looks offstage-

‘Can I please get the stage lights brought up please?’

-Lights come on-

-Looks right at you-

Well hello dear reader! Have you missed me? I’m sure you have. I’m back from my wee little sabattical (Well, really I’ve just been being utterly terified of 2016 and trying hard to avoid it’s monstrous gaze). There’s so much going on and I just don’t even know where to begin.

A word of housekeeping I suppose, and that is that I’d like to apologize to the screenwriter and director of ‘Arrival’. I’ve said since I first heard that ‘Story of Your Life’ had been optioned that it was absolutely unfilmable….

Yeah, I was so so wrong. It was brilliant. Simply the single finest science fiction film I’ve ever watched.

Alright, and now lets get into what you’re really here for. Let’s talk books. I’m working on a wrap-up for 2016 that I’ll post in January. But for now let’s start looking forward to the first quarter of 2017.

January 2017

A new Tad Williams!!!!! A new Peter Beagle!!!!! A New Laura Anne Gilman!!!!!

I adore Tad Williams, and a new book by him is always a treat. I’ve been reading on ‘The Heart of What Was Lost’ and it is a wonderful revisit to Osten Ard. It’s a much wider story than his last visit (1998’s lovely and haunting ‘The Burning Man’) and really drops you back into the fuller world of Osten Ard in set up to ‘The Witchwood Crown’ later this year.

I really look forward to reading the new Peter Beagle, it’s great to see one of our living legends releasing new material, and after the recent ‘Summerlong’, I anticipate his next book will also be lovely.

People paying attention here know I’m a big fan of Laura Anne’s first book in her Weird Western Devil’s Hand world (and please let this one run for a long long time). So I’m very excited for the second volume in that saga.

There’s been a lot of buzz around Katherine Arden’s ‘The Bear and the Nightengale’ for awhile, and from reading the first few chapters (so far!) I don’t think it’s misplaced. For fans of Patricia McKillip and Noami Novik’s wonderful ‘Uprooted’ this is a must-read.

I read through Seanan Maguire’s ghost story novella ‘Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day’ the other night, and I was deeply impressed with how quickly and apprarently effortlessly she created a world and populated it with fully fleshed out characters, without bogging us down with needless details. I hope to see more of this world.

Hand, Elizabeth • Fire • (01/01)
Modesitt, L. E., Jr. • Recluce Tales • (01/03)
Older, Daniel José • Battle Hill Bolero • (01/03)
Pratchett, Terry • The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner • (01/03)
Williams, Tad • The Heart of What Was Lost • (01/03)
Gilman, Laura Anne • The Cold Eye • (01/10)
Gladstone, Max • Bookburners •(01/10)
Arden, Katherine • The Bear and the Nightingale • (01/10)
McGuire, Seanan • Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day • (01/10)
Beagle, Peter S. • In Calabria • (01/17)
Stross, Charles • Empire Games • (01/17)
Vaughn, Carrie • Martians Abroad • (01/17)
Westerfeld, Scott • Horizon • (01/17)
Goodkind, Terry • Death’s Mistress • (01/24)
Brust, Steven, & Skyler White • The Skill of Our Hands • (01/24)
Okorafor, Nnedi • Binti: Home • (01/31)
Aaronovitch, Ben • The Hanging Tree • (01/31)

February 2017

Oh February…

You’re trying to take away all my reading hours aren’t you?

A new book in Brad Beaulieu’s marvelous Sharakai (I promise you, it’s MARVELOUS!!!), the final volume in Victoria Schwab’s ‘Shades of Magic’ series, and FINALLY ‘Miranda and Caliban’ by Jacqueline Carey which I’ve been waiting for what seems like centuries to read. It’s staring at me alluringly from my bookcase.

I also breezed through Garth Nix’s charming middle reader book ‘Frogkisser!’ the other night, as he had read a bit of it when I saw him in Seattle this fall, and it was delightful. It will appeal deeply to fans of Patricia Wrede’s ‘Enchanted Forest’ Chronicles.

Beaulieu, Bradley P. • With Blood Upon the Sand • (02/07)
Danielewski, Mark Z. • The Familiar: Volume 4: Hades • (02/07)
Hurley, Kameron • The Stars Are Legion • (02/07)
Sagara, Michelle • Grave • (02/07)
Harrison, Kim • The Turn • (02/07)
Carey, Jacqueline • Miranda and Caliban • (02/14)
Duncan, Dave • Portal of a Thousand Worlds • (02/14)
Schwab, V. E. • A Conjuring of Light • (02/21)
Kadrey, Richard • The Wrong Dead Guy • (02/28)
Kiernan, Caitlín R. • Agents of Dreamland • (02/28)
Nix, Garth • Frogkisser! • (02/28)
Wendig, Chuck • Thunderbird • (02/28)

March 2017

FINALLY! The new Scalzi is almost here, and I feel like I’ve been waiting for simply AGES.

Bishop, Anne • Etched in Bone • (03/07)
Bledsoe, Alex • Gather Her Round • (03/07)
McGuire, Seanan • Magic for Nothing • (03/07)
Briggs, Patricia • Silence Fallen • (03/07)
Robinson, Kim Stanley • New York 2140 • (03/14)
Scalzi, John • The Collapsing Empire • (03/21)
McDonald, Ian • Luna: Wolf Moon • (03/28)
Kiernan, Caitlín R. • Dear Sweet Filthy World • (03/31)

And now my dears, as a reward for your patience with my long absence, here is Brent Weeks reading from his forthcoming book that will return him to the world of the Night Angel Trilogy. This won’t be his next book (which will be the final volume of the Lightbringer Saga) but the book after that.

Tracy J. Erickson

Tracy J. Erickson

Tracy Erickson has achieved one of his two childhood ambitions and now lives in a library. Sadly, Luke Perry is already married, so he has had to settle a bit on the second one. He loves chai, books, Mike' and 'Ikes and bigger books. When Mike and Ike broke up last year, he had complete faith that they'd get back together, once they realized what a horror the dating scene is.
Tracy J. Erickson

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